Cuomo On Income Inequality

Governor Andrew Cuomo does not use the term “income inequality.”  Except when he does.

During a rally today aimed at raising the minimum wage for fast food workers Governor Cuomo declared that “I don’t use those words ‘income inequality.'”  He has, of course, including as the opening words of a New York Times op-ed he wrote in May.  When asked at a post-rally press Q&A (by NY1’s Josh Robin) about the seeming contradiction, Cuomo propounded the view that “we don’t believe that we should have a system of equal income” and that instead the key focus should be on ensuring opportunity.  Left unsaid was any direct criticism or mention of the elected official most closely associated with the phrase currently, and who’s view appears much closer to a desire for “a system of equal income,” Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Here’s Cuomo’s comment during his speech and post-rally response: