Cuomo Gaggles: The Peacemaker Edition

Governor Andrew Cuomo went from percussionist to peacemaker today, as he calmed press corps conflict during a chaotic start to the Dominican Day Parade.  The parade starting point was disorganized, becoming a bit chaotic as press and parade participants swirled around the designated parade start, waiting for the governor, mayor and other electeds but repeatedly ordered to move in different directions by the NYPD and parade organizers.  The press waited for the governor’s scheduled press Q&A, watching as the parade began and other electeds stepped off.  Cuomo then arrived and began walking past the waiting press and toward the parade.  As the governor noticed the press and stopped some pushing ensued, with the governor injecting a bit of calm.

Mayor de Blasio waited for the governor to conclude his press Q&A and depart before appearing for the parade.  He did not take any questions at the start of the parade.