Cuomo Gaggle

Governor Andrew Cuomo spoke with the press this morning, just before marching in the West Indian Day Parade.

Governor Cuomo began with a lengthy statement celebrating diversity and condemning President Trump’s expected end to DACA, with the consequence of a move toward deporting hundreds of thousands of people who unlawfully came to America as children.  Cuomo’s emotional defense of immigrants included a statement that New York will sue to stop any ending of DACA and move toward deporting the “Dreamers.”  Cuomo took four questions, one on the Christopher Columbus statue in Columbus Circle, one on what he would do concerning DACA and state lawsuits opposing elimination if he were president and two on whether he’ll endorse Mayor de Blasio in next week’s Democratic primary.

Concerning Columbus, Cuomo replied at length touting the role of Columbus in the heritage of Italian-Americans and urging restraint in focusing on faults of historical figures.  He confirmed that he’s opposed to removal of the Columbus statue.  On his actions if he was  president Cuomo said that he would continue DACA.  He sought to avoid discussion of the Democratic primary, saying that since he doesn’t vote in the City he doesn’t have any primary endorsements “at this time.”  (He nonetheless had endorsed candidates in other races for the upcoming primary.)