Cuomo Defends Quarantine (Updated)

Governor Andrew Cuomo today staunchly defended his modified Ebola-related quarantine plan.  Speaking to reporters after an event promoting the proposed school bond issue on the November ballot, he spoke at length about his plan, terming it “entirely reasonable” and describing his primary responsibility as acting “to protect the people of the state of New York.”

At an unusual Sunday night press conference, held with Mayor Bill de Blasio, Cuomo had softened the terms of proposed quarantines to allow for a loose home quarantine.  As set out Sunday night, persons who had contact with Ebola patients in three specified West African nations would be restricted to their homes, but allowed contact with their family/household and visitors.

Press Q&A:

Here’s the full press Q&A:

Update – Read My Book:

Toward the end of his Q&A, Governor Cuomo made a quip about his recently published memoir.  He had repeatedly discussed the 21 day quarantine requirement, emphasizing the somewhat softened quarantine conditions.  (The comment happens at about 15:25 of the full Q&A.)

Governor Cuomo’s full press Q&A from Sunday night is available here.