Cuomo Campaigns; The Bronx & Washington Heights Edition (Updated x 2)

Governor Andrew Cuomo campaigned in the Bronx and Washington Heights today, at rallies aimed at Puerto Rican and Dominican-American voters.


The Bronx rally had two disruptions, with the second the more dramatic.  As Governor Cuomo spoke about the DREAM Act, a group of about 8 protestors stood and successively shouted at him.  Cuomo continued speaking, not acknowledging the disruption.

The video sound is as it occurred, unedited and not dubbed.  My camera was plugged into the event sound feed, with the lectern microphone as the sole sound source.  The audio of the protestors is therefor very limited.  As the shouts rose the event staff brought the music back up, as you’ll hear.  The narration is simply Cuomo continuing his speech, with some striking coincidence between his words and the action in the back of the room.

Update – Gaggle:

Governor Cuomo spoke with the press following his Bronx rally.  He began with an opening statement and then answered questions on topics which included the Independence Party (whose ballot line Cuomo is on), the protest at the rally and Cuomo’s efforts on passing the DREAM Act, a recent report that 34,000 people have been designated under the SAFE Act as ineligible to own guns and the prospect of Ebola-related restrictions on commercial flights.

Flight Ban – In this excerpt from the gaggle, Cuomo suggests that the federal government “seriously consider” banning commercial airline flights from Ebola-stricken countries.

Update #2 – Bronx Speech:

Here is Governor Cuomo’s full speech at the Bronx rally:

Update #3 – Washington Heights Speech:

Here is Governor Cuomo’s full speech in Washington Heights: