Cruz Press Q&A

IMG_5896Eleven minutes, three questions.  That’s the numerical recap of Senator Ted Cruz’s post-rally press gaggle Tuesday in Hudson, New Hampshire.  Two of the three questions involved Donald Trump; what is Trump up to in pushing on Cruz’s “eligibility to run” and why, despite polls consistently showing Trump as New Hampshire voters top choice, Cruz regards himself as the better choice.  The final question concerned Cruz’s absence from President Obama’s State of the Union address.

Cruz began with an opening statement reiterating his pro-gun rights positions and touting “conservatives uniting behind our campaign” and “the old Reagan coalition coming back together.”  His response on Trump’s motivation in pushing the issue of Cruz’s constitutional eligibility to be president began with a somewhat forced laugh and “I like Donald.”  He dismissed the legal question of his eligibility and attributed the focus on it on his rising prospects.   Although saying that he won’t attack his competitors Cruz characterized as “more than a little strange” Trump’s citing of a “liberal leftwing judicial activist Harvard Law professor who is a huge Hillary supporter” in his questioning of Cruz’s eligibility.

On his New Hampshire prospects he spoke positively of his chances, said that he’s been engaged in New Hampshire and then launched into attacks on his competitors as “campaign conservatives” who failed to act against Obamacare or join the “fight against amnesty” for illegal immigrants.  The final question produced a lengthy denunciation of President Obama, with Cruz dismissing the likelihood of any value in Obama’s speech.  He notably included complaints about the betterment of “billionaires … and the top 1%” during the Obama administration.

Video:  Here is Cruz’s full gaggle: