Christine Quinn’s Breakout Moment?

Here is why yesterday’s NY Times story on Christine Quinn is good, possibly great, for her:

  1. It shatters two lingering memes, first that she is weak-willed, indecisive and not strongly in control as speaker, and second that she is simply the mayor’s “lapdog”, doing his bidding.  Those don’t hold up well.
  2.  We have just concluded a months-long EdKochfest, celebrating his New York flavored orneryness.  Her NY Times profile sets her up as Koch’s emotional/tempermental successor.
  3. Most regular people think that yelling at “city officials, lobbyists and political operatives” is probably justified and a good thing.
  4. Bill Thompson must be jealous – a major part of his campaign is convincing voters that he has “fire in the belly.”  Wouldn’t he love a story like that about him?
  5. Every day that we spend talking about Christine Quinn is a bad day for Bill de Blasio, John Liu, Bill Thompson and Sal Albanese.