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Massey On Bail & Lippman Report

Republican mayoral candidate Paul Massey seems open to some type of change to the money bail system for criminal defendants, but he does not appear to have yet developed any plan or proposal to do so.  He has read the Lippman Report, which concludes that the City jails on Rikers Island should be closed and replaced with jails throughout the five boroughs, and disagrees with its conclusions although he shares much of its analysis of Rikers’ problems.  We spoke during a Bronx press conference Tuesday.

Earlier in the press conference Massey expressed concern for defendants held on Rikers for more than a year without trial.  Many of those defendants are unable to make bail, even seemingly low amounts required for bail in some cases.  When I asked if he supported efforts to end or significantly change the current bail system Massey offered that “we need to look at” and “make improvements,” saying that defendants should be able to get through the system more quickly and fairly.  He similarly demurred on whether he supports efforts at a City-financed bail fund.  He expressed empathy for those caught in the system, saying that “New Yorkers have a heart” and concerning people who “aren’t career criminals … we’re gonna help them back.”

Massey said that he’s read the Lippman Report and talked with experts, leading him to support “ending the facility that we now call Rikers” but building new facilities on Rikers Island rather than replacing the current Rikers jails with jails spread around the City.  Until recently, Mayor de Blasio held a similar view.


Here’s our exchange:

Massey On County Endorsements

Republican mayoral candidate Paul Massey professed indifference today about the looming endorsement decisions from the Manhattan, Bronx and Republican county organizations.  Manhattan Republican Chair Adele Malpass has said that Manhattan plans to meet Thursday for its endorsement decision and I understand that Brooklyn also plans a Thursday meeting.  Bronx Republican Chairman Mike Rendino said last week that he expects an endorsement meeting this week, although the precise day was unclear.  Queens County has already endorsed Massey.

It’s my view that Staten Island Assembly Member Nicole Malliotakis has a strong chance of receiving some, or perhaps all, of the three looming endorsements.  While those endorsements are far from dispostive it would nonetheless be a sharp rebuke to Massey should he receive one or none of the three.  At a Bronx press conference today I asked Massey about what outcome  he expects and whether a poor showing would be worrying.  Here’s what he had to say (the groaning and creaking noises come from a barge moored just to Massey’s left):

Massey On Rikers

Republican mayoral candidate Paul Massey held a press conference today opposing some of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s policies and positions and offering some broad criminal justice suggestions.  Standing on the Bronx shoreline in Barretto Point Park, with Rikers Island directly behind him, Massey proposed criminal justice reforms including a “comprehensive review of sentencing guidelines and judicial practices that particularly disadvantage black and hispanic New Yorkers.”  He spoke of rebuilding the facilities on Rikers Island, declaring that the current operations are a failure, but not endorsing the new de Blasio view of closing the Rikers Island jails and moving those operations to new and expanded jails around the City.  He also spoke of addressing  the plight of defendants held in Rikers for extended periods before trial. Continue reading Massey On Rikers

Met Club Dinner

Mayoral candidates Paul Massey and Nicole Massey attended the Metropolitan Republican Club’s annual dinner Monday night, with each speaking separately and then doing a joint audience Q&A.  Such close engagement has been very limited so far in the mayoral campaign, with Massey and Malliotakis appearing together just twice.  In just one of those joint appearances, at a candidate forum hosted by the Manhattan Republican Party, did they engage before the audience.

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Massey Transportation, Chapter 2

Republican mayoral candidate Paul Massey attended a transportation town hall Wednesday night, getting a glimpse into several transportation issues affecting South Queens.  Hosted by the Queens Public Transit Committee at the South Ozone Park Knights of Columbus, the town was lightly attended but those in attendance were deeply focused on transportation issues.  Massey mostly listened, acknowledging his lack of transit expertise but seemingly interested in learning about the topic. Continue reading Massey Transportation, Chapter 2

Candidates On Conservative Party Endorsement

The Conservative Party endorsed Nicole Malliotakis today, choosing her as their mayoral candidate over rival Paul Massey.  We spoke with each of them tonight about that endorsement, Malliotakis as she arrived in Throggs Neck for a meeting of the Bronx Republican Party and Massey as he departed a town hall with the Queens Public Transit Committee in South Ozone Park.  (Our pre-endorsement analysis outlining the process and outcome is here.) Continue reading Candidates On Conservative Party Endorsement

Conservative Party Nomination Preview

The Conservative Party is poised to select its mayoral candidate tomorrow.  Here’s a look at what’s likely to happen along with my prediction of the winning candidate.

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Massey & Faulkner Cross Endorse

Republican mayoral candidate Paul Massey and Republican comptroller candidate Michel Faulkner exchanged endorsements today at a City Hall press conference.  Faulkner had been a mayoral candidate competing against Massey, but announced a switch to the comptroller’s race just over a week ago.  Faulkner does not currently face any other Republican comptroller candidates and he and party leaders expect that he will not have a primary.  Massey currently expects to face Assembly Member Nicole Malliotakis in a Republican mayoral primary. Continue reading Massey & Faulkner Cross Endorse

Massey Supported Stringer

Scott Stringer’s a nice guy.  That’s how Republican mayoral candidate Paul Massey and Republican comptroller candidate Michel Faulkner replied when I asked them about Paul Massey’s past substantial financial contributions to Faulkner’s expected general election opponent, Democrat and incumbent City Comptroller Scott Stringer.

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Queens GOP Dinner

Republican mayoral candidates Nicole Malliotakis and Paul Massey crossed paths at the Queens Republican Party’s Spring Dinner, working the crowd separately and each speaking during dinner Wednesday night.  In a bit of fortuitous timing Massey walked into the dinner as Malliotakis explained her late entry into the race as motivated by the fact that “I haven’t seen the passion, I haven’t seen the energy” from the other candidates.  That was as close as they came to any direct debate or confrontation, however.

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Candidates Court Conservatives (Updated)

Queens County Conservative Party Chairman Tom Long listens as mayoral candidate Paul Massey speaks to Long’s members. 4/28/17

Mayoral candidates Bo Dietl, Michel Faulkner and Paul Massey appeared in Howard Beach Thursday night, courting support at the Queens County Conservative Party Spring Dinner.  The Conservative Party will select its mayoral candidate shortly, with the  individual county organizations commencing discussions this week and a final selection expected by the end of May.  Their appearances and quest for the Conservative Party nomination had an additional subplot; Dietl’s controversial remarks on Mayor de Blasio’s wife the night before, Massey’s statement condemning those remarks and Dietl’s demand for an apology from Massey.  Assembly Member Nicole Malliotakis is also seeking the Conservative Party nomination, but did not attend this dinner.

Bo Dietl addresses the Queens County Conservative Party Dinner. The audience includes rival candidates Paul Massey (far left) and Michel Faulkner (center, blue tie). 4/28/17

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Hashing It Out

Bo Dietl and Paul Massey discuss Dietl’s comments, during the Queens County Conservative Party Dinner on April 27, 2017.

Three of the four Republican mayoral candidates appeared together Thursday night, with Bo Dietl seeking to address the contretemps generated by his Wednesday night comment equating two African-American women, Chirlane McCray, Mayor Bill de Blasio’s wife, and a judge hearing Dietl’s election related lawsuit, based on their physical appearance.  Dietl has faced significant criticism in the 24 hours since making his comment.  The episode may drive voters away from him, although it anecdotally appears at this early stage Republican voters are only moderately concerned about.  More immediately, and more significantly, it may push Republican leaders away from granting Dietl his sought-after waiver to run in the Republican primary, a Wilson-Pakula. Continue reading Hashing It Out