Bush On VP Selection

“A president is a decider.”  That was part of Jeb Bush’s answer when asked about a possible vice presidential selection.  Terming it “an important decision”, Bush emphasized the general principle of selecting a running mate “qualified” to be president and who works well with the presidential nominee.  He noted that some presidential/vice presidential candidate pairings have “kinda gotten ugly”, but did not identify any such pairings.  He lauded the Ronald Reagan/George H.W. Bush team, but did not mention George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

He also threw in a few jabs at Donald Trump, saying that “you win when you campaign like this” while spreading his arms, adding “you don’t win when you’re campaigning like this” while wagging his finger.  In case his point wasn’t clear, Bush added “[y]ou don’t win when you’re the large dog in the room, when it’s all about you … how great you are … how rich you are.”

Bush spoke at a recent town hall meeting in Keene, New Hampshire.