Buddy The Cat (Updated)

Buddy the Cat is running for president.  Four “candidates” yesterday joined the ranks of those filing with the Federal Election Commission as 2016 presidential candidates, including Scott Walker and “Buddy the Cat.”  Including Buddy the Cat, there are now 545 declared 2016 presidential candidates.  (There’s no word on whether Pataki the Cat will join Buddy.)

It’s unclear whether the FEC will permit the “Buddy the Cat” filing to remain.  We’ve emailed the FEC with that question – we’ll update you when we hear back from them.

Update:  The FEC did not directly answer my question of whether the Commission would take any affirmative steps to review or investigate that filing.  A Commission rep replied more generally, stating that “the Reports Analysis Division (RAD) of the FEC reviews reports to ensure compliance with federal campaign finance laws and Commission regulations. If there appears to be any potential issues of noncompliance, RAD may send the filer a letter, called a Request for Additional Information (RFAI), to seek clarification or corrective action.”  Buddy the Cat’s filing remains on the FEC website as of August 21st.

N.B.  Here’s a look at the names the 17 “major” Republican candidates filed under and whether they’re complying with the legal requirements.