Astorino Loves Green (Updated x 2)

Environmentally speaking that is.  Not Jets Green.  Today Rob Astorino spoke to a “Green Cities” group, discussing his eco-friendly actions as Westchester County Executive.  We spoke with him afterward on several topics.


Saying he’s “done with the double talk”, Astorino labeled Cuomo’s reported statement this morning that the “campaigns” are “working that out now” as “nonsense.”

Ballot Issues:

There are three ballot propositions going before voters statewide in November: A proposed constitutional amendment to establish a redistricting commission (with members to be appointed by legislative leaders), a constitutional amendment to permit electronic distribution to state legislators of pending bills, and a $2 billion school bond issue.  I asked Astorino for his view on each.

Long Island Legislative Races:

Two legislative races on Long Island have recently drawn attention for unsavory behavior.  In the 8th Senate District, Democrat David Denenberg has dropped out of the race after being sued by his former law firm for alleged falsifying client bills and expense reimbursements.  Democratic party leaders have sought to have him nominated for election as a judge, one of the only ways to get his name off the ballot.  In the 3rd Assembly District, Republican incumbent Edward Hennessy has acknowledged that his campaign placed a GPS tracking device on his Democratic opponent’s car.  Republican leaders have defended that action.

I asked Astorino about both races: