Astorino Attacks (Updated)

Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino attacked Governor Andrew Cuomo’s handling of the Moreland Commission To Investigate Public Corruption, asserting that “I believe Governor Cuomo committed a crime.”  According to Astorino, Governor Cuomo’s apparent failure to pass along evidence of wrongdoing to appropriate law enforcement authorities violated section 63(8) of the Executive Law.  Astorino called for a special prosecutor to investigate the matter, although he was vague on some of the details around a special prosecutor.

Press Conference:

Here is Astorino’s full press conference, which begins with his statement that “I believe Governor Cuomo committed a crime.”

Update – Signholders:

Some silent signholders appeared this morning, holding anti-Astorino posters and attempting to avoid having their identity revealed.  On July 22nd, a similar group appeared at a joint Astorino/Zephyr Teachout press conference, holding signs and doing a little weak heckling.  On July 25th, Colin Campbell and Hunter Walker of Business Insider followed a similar group after a Zephyr Teachout press conference, reporting on their apparent ties to the Cuomo campaign.  At today’s press conference, the signholders stood well back before the press conference, walking away when I approached them.  The group then stood silently during the press conference, with lowering their signs a couple of inches more as their only response when asked where they’re from.

It’s an odd effort; not really disruptive or distracting to the candidates they’re shadowing, their farcical attempts at subterfuge reflect poorly on their apparent patron.