Do as Mitt says, not as Mitt does

Today’s news brings Mitt Romney’s grudging repudiation of a Republican supporter’s plan to revive the Rev. Jeremiah Wright as an attack avenue on the president. quoted Mitt as saying, in part:

“It’s interesting that we’re talking about some Republican PAC that wants to go after the president [on Wright]; I hope people also are looking at what he’s doing, and saying ‘why is he running an attack campaign?  Why isn’t he talking about his record?'”
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Mitt’s New York Role Model

Just read about Romney’s comments opposing marriage equality because “the best setting for raising a child is where this is the opportunity to a mom and a dad to be in the home,” but saying that same-sex couples adopting is “fine”.

New York observation:  Romney is David Paterson with a movie star chin.  Whatever he says, wait a minute, hour or day and he’ll say something opposite.

~ John Kenny