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Democrat #6 – Salgado Kickoff Report (Updated)

Yesterday, Erick Salgado joined the crowd of candidates seeking the Democratic nomination for mayor, holding a large campaign kickoff rally on the steps of City Hall.  (He has previously been campaigning and raising money – you can watch our report from a candidate forum he attended in March here.)

Salgado, a Brooklyn pastor little known in politics, staged an impressive rally.  His campaign brought in 300 supporters for his energetic speech.  Raised in Puerto Rico, he speaks english with a thick accent and somewhat jumbled syntax.  He nonetheless is engaging and charismatic, holding his audience in both english and spanish.  As he put it during his speech:  “I speak with an accent, I’m proud of it, but I don’t think with an accent.”

Notable supporters at the rally included Senator Ruben Diaz and Gregory Davidzon, the politically active operator of an influential russian-language radio station.  (We spoke with Senator Diaz about the arrest of his fellow Bronx Democrat Eric Stevenson – you can watch it here.)

He faces many challenges, but comes with some real strengths.  Watch our report for a full analysis.

Here is a more extensive set of clips from Salgado’s rally, including segments in spanish.

Senator Ruben Diaz Discusses Eric Stevenson and Albany

This afternoon I spoke State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr. about the arrest of his fellow Bronx state legislator, Assemblymember Eric Stevenson, and about whether the level of corruption in Albany has gotten better or worse since he was first elected.

We spoke at mayoral candidate Erick Salgado’s energetic campaign rally on the steps of City Hall.  Diaz endorsed Salgado.  We’ll have more on Salgado’s campaign in a later report.